Only 1/3 of the perimeter weld has been done. After levelling the cab left to right, I checked the angle of the window opening. Reads 109.4*


The middle is 111.0* so it is out just over 1.5*. Now 1.5* does not sound like much but this shows it translates into 7mm, or just over 1/4". Now flat glass will not like bending at all, let alone that much! If the gasket tries to take it up, it will cause leaks.


So thought i would start fixing this chop there. I cut through one of the centre welds just leaving the front intact. Jacked it forward and up which closed the cut back up again. Checked the degrees and have it perfectly spot on! I left the pressure of the jack on there while I fully welded the cut back up. Normally you might push a little further so it is still right when you take the pressure off, but I didn't in this case. Reason why is that the weld shrinkage would cause it to move forward and hoped it would balance it out. Glad to say it was still spot on after welding and the jack removed.


Finished fully welding in the right corner on the back wall. Got it all nice and flat. Will show how I went about it on this side.


Sitting inside, I hammered onto this flat dolly face to stretch the edge outwards. Also had to bend the wall from lower down. I had the dolly on edge, and on the inside again, hammered off dolly near the top to get it to bend outwards. The corners behind the pillars are tricky and used this spoon to lever on pushing outwards while hammering on the outside on it.