Right side done as well and also did the window frame on both sides as the near by joint. Old aerial hole a patch cut for and welded up. B pillar half done on both sides.


Still thinking of the best way to prepare this roof for the roof insert you want to rivet in place later on. I thought the rear window would be out of proportion if left stock height seeing it would be taller than the front windscreen. After chatting with Christos about it, he came up with a suggestion of chopping it 40mm-1.5".


So after cutting out the rest of the window curve left in the upper section and adding it to the lower piece, I chopped the 1.5" out. Think it looks spot on now with the other side now done too. Looks like the filler piece I just made suits this welding clamp perfectly! Allows you to tack the join inside the clamp while holding everything straight.

Rear wall on the outside now all finished! Have to build the inside window flange next. Hockey sticks! Like the rear wall, had to attach parts of the curved sections of the inner window frame left from not cutting the rear wall through the vertical section.


Joins in the middle of a curve are always harder to dress later than if done in the middle of the vertical part. Cut out where the old seat belt mount was so I could get to the rest of the joins around the B pillar. The outer panel covers the rear face, and it is too hard to weld around the corner of the other seam. I also used a flat blade screw driver and hammered out the edge of the hole left that had caved in from the seat belt bolt passing through from the outside.